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Holocaust survivor tells story for the first time

Make the world listen to people who suffer everyday hate crime

Prejudice happens in every country in the world, every single day. Don't stand by and let it go unnoticed. Use your Twitter to give a voice to someone who's experienced hate crime in this country - and help us create a world where noone stands by.

‘I had my car tyres slashed and on the windscreen was written: go back home.’

‘A group of four people mocked my disability and then pushed me to the ground.’

‘A man threw a bottle of bleach in my face because of my sexuality.’

Holocaust Memorial Day 27/1

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Holocaust Memorial Day, on 27 January, is the day for everybody to commemorate the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution, and subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. Wear your HMD badge to show you don’t stand by. Enter your email address to get regular updates from HMDT, and your postal address to receive a commemorative metal badge.

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